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Jingjiang Datong Fastener Factory
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Now the city is matching the first side Chase standards Press neck (carriage tethers)、Bolts and bolts of 1.60, non-professional production plant with hard。Products sold throughout the country,And sell to distant places Europe and the United States, Japan dozen countries and regions。Products commonly used in construction and factory projects supporting。   


Accumulated years of experience in factory production,Have excellent production technologies and advanced production equipment,Testing facilities。Be different standards or user requirements designed to create intensity level4.8-12.9, Size M5-M24,Products length 300mm。   


Now I plant in the city of East Ridge Yangtze first 10,000-ton terminal,South Chinas first company、World 4 Jiangyin Changjiang Bridge, east Ning-highway, convenient water and land transportation。   


I plant abiding by the "pioneering and innovative, quality first, by contract, to go beyond" quality guidelines。  

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